About AI-Coach

About AI-Coach

AI-Coach is a chatbot trained over Team O'clock resources, including the documentation and all the public resources available in Team O'clock website and blog. The purpose of AI-Coach is to assist by providing advice and hints relevant to agile methodologies for remote teams.

If you have AI-Assist feature enabled, then you can ask AI-Coach questions related to your teams performance and work over Team O'clock. All data shared with AI-Coach adhere to the privacy and security rules that AI-Assist already supports.

AI-Coach is an automated service based on Large Language Models (LLMs) to offer suggestions! Please manually review whether the provided suggestions fits your team's purposes!

How to access AI-Coach

AI-Coach is accessible both in the management interface as well as while you are performing a meeting.

To access AI-Coach in the management interface, click on the AI button on the bottom and center of the screen.

To access AI-Coach while in a meeting, click the chat icon on the bottom center of the screen and then navigate to AI-Coach tab.

You can also open AI-Coach by using the keyboard shortcut Shift+I.

How to use AI-Coach

With the AI-Coach chat open you can ask any question related to agile methodologies and how Team O'clock works. There are some preset questions in the chat for testing it out.

Once you add your question and press Enter AI-Coach will start checking the available knowledge base to create an answer for you.

Once an answer is available, you can easily copy it using the copy answer option available with hovering AI-Coach answer.

Keep in mind that for every chat session, AI-Coach keeps the context of previous questions and answers as you engage in a dialogue.

Asking questions about your team

With AI-Assist enabled, AI-Coach has access to your Team O'clock timeline. This means that you can ask questions relevant to your team's performance or for a summary of your team's activitiy.

Security, and personal data

AI-Coach is built on top of Open AI Assistant. Responses and timing of generating the response follow the availability of Open AI Assistant service.

To provide personalized answers for your team based on the timeline, Team O'clock uses all the options provided to ensure that data exchanged are not stored on third-party servers, or used as a training set for the Large Language Models in use.

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