Basecamp integration enables you to connect your existing Basecamp project and create todo items out of a retrospective action item.

Integration setup

To setup the integration with Basecamp, visit your Team O'clock management Integrations page and click on Basecamp. Then click the Setup Basecamp, and Authorize Basecamp option. You will then navigated to your Basecamp account to confirm the connection of your project with Team O'clock. When this is complete, you can start using the integration in your retrospective meetings.

Retrospective integration

Using the integration with your Team O'clock retrospective, you can generate Basecamp todo items from action items and follow their progress through your Basecamp project.

To create a todo from an action item, simply hover an action item you created on the Discussion step of the retrospective and click the Basecamp icon that appears.


When you click the Basecamp icon, you will see a popup where you define the Basecamp project and todo list you want this item to be added on.

Action items created as Basecamp todo items, support automatic syncing between the two services. So, if someone completes the Basecamp todo, Team O'clock will automatically resolve the action item as well.

Disconnecting and resetting the integration

To disconnect the two services, visit your company's account Integration page in Team O'clock, click on the Basecamp integration, navigate to Disconnect and click the disconnect now, as seen below.