Integrations page

Integrations page

You can find all available integrations in the Team O'clock administration interface, under Integrations page.

In this page each of the available integration is represented in a card, holding information about each integration's status (Active or Inactive), as well as an indicator in case there is a connectivity issue, as seen below.

Setting up an integration

Each integration's settings are available in a popup that open by clicking on the respecting integration card.

To setup an integration, click on the Connect side navigation in the popup and follow the instructions found in that tab.

Integration settings and information

When you connect an integration, you have additional settings depending on what each integration offers. These additional options are accessible in the integration popup as separate options in the popup side navigation, as seen below for Jira.

Additionally, by connecting a service with Team O'clock, you can see information regarding:
  1. The specific instance or instances of the service connected with Team O'clock
  2. The member of your team that setup the integration, and set communication permissions between the two services.
These information are visible as a banner on the integration popup, as seen below.

Integration Health check

Team O'clock automatically checks for issues with the active integrations and reports back any issues. As already mentioned, if there is an issue with one of your active integrations, you will see a warning icon in the integration card with more information on mouse hover.

Additionally, you will receive an email with issue found.

Disconnecting an integration

Removing a connected integration is again accessible via the integration's popup, through the Disconnect option in the side navigation.

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