Through the metrics page, you can follow the usage of Team O'clock services for your teams.
Metrics page

Metrics page is accessible from:
  1. Your organization dashboard
  2. The Team management page of one of your teams
  3. A retrospective or standup view from your Timeline
The metrics page has filters and data cards with usage summaries. The data displayed in the cards respect the filter selections.
Metrics page and data are available on Standard and custom plans only.

Filtering options

The available filters are for choosing a period and a team to see metrics for.

The default team option will include information for all the teams a member belongs to or has access to.

The period options can span to a year from now, as seen in the image below.

Mood pulse

The Mood pulse card is an indicator of how team members feel about work for the selected period.

This card consists of a graph with the aggregated average mood votes for the selected team in the selected period. Mood information derives from a mood question asked to all participants of a standup or retrospective meetings, read more.

The aggregated average value for the selected period is displayed on the top right of the Mood pulse card.

Hovering with your mouse over an option you can see the average mood value for the specified date.

Members activity

This card shows the number of members that engaged with a meeting activity in Team O'clock for the selected period.

Resolved vs Open action items

In this card, you will find information regarding the ratio between resolved and open action items. The information in display is about action items created in the selected period.

Hovering on one of the two displayed areas you get the exact number of action items for the specific category, resolved or open.

Having this ratio available for your team you can evaluate how your team is progressing towards the goals you have set in your retrospective meetings.