Planning poker

Planning poker

How can I edit planning poker values?

Customization of planning poker values is on a per team basis and can happen through the team settings page.

To access your teams and their settings, you need to login to using the credentials you have used when creating your account, navigate to Teams page from the header menu, and then click on the team you want to edit values for.

Expand the planning poker feature under Customization options and type your values.

You can also use custom labels for each number using the <value>=<label> form, for example:

How long does a planning poker stays open in Slack and MS Teams?

When a planpoker command is issued a planning poker session is created and stays open for 31 days. This means that team members can place their votes within that timeframe.

If no-one clicks the Done button for that planning poker and the 31 days are gone the session expires, votes cannot be retrieved and clicking Done you will not get any response from the system.

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