Retrospective meeting

Retrospective meeting

You probably setup the retrospective without those people involved. This option is available when triggering a retrospective meeting via the management interface of Team O'clock.

To fix that you need to trigger another retrospective meeting and add the proper people or select a specific team.

How can I edit or delete one of my notes?

  1. Hover the note you are interested in, to see the Edit link
  2. Click Edit and change your note in the note input
  3. To change board area for the note, drag and drop the note to the appropriate column
  4. To delete a note, edit it and remove the text content and press enter

My note belongs to a different board area. How can I change it?

To switch area that a note belongs to, drag the note and drop it to the appropriate column.

Notes from different people are similar. What should we do?

The easiest thing to do is group similar notes. To do that simply drag one note on top of another. Grouped notes have a parent note that will take all votes and "represent" the group during the discussion stage.

If your team agrees to keep only one of the notes you can delete all other notes that are duplicates.
To do so:
  1. Hover each note and click Edit link displayed on the rightmost side of the note
  2. On the input, remove the content of the note and press enter
There is no Edit option on the note, what can I do?
If you can't see the Edit option when hovering the note, the retrospective is at the Discussion or Voting step.
To edit a note:
  1. Go back to the Group step
  2. Edit notes as described above

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